‘Be Bold’ Program

This is an ‘tailored made workshop that can be conducted weekly, fortnightly, one day or over a weekend (time to suit) that helps clients discover and achieve change plus make the best of life’s opportunities.
It can be tailor made for business, corporate and government and is suitable for churches and other religious organisations as well as one on one basis.
As Sandra states: ‘when life gives you lemons – learn how to make lemonade’
This workshop will assist you or your organisation develop ‘boldness’ and help:
  • Maximise your full potential.
  • Help you find purpose and meaning in life.
  • Assist you in gaining coping skills and strategies to help you handle life’s set back’s.
  • Assist you in discovering the ‘keys’ to unlock your hidden potential.
  • Help you gain techniques on how to overcome current everyday obstacles.
  • Assist you to learn how to reach and achieve your dreams and ambitions, in other words help you to ‘dream’ big again.
  • Discover important techniques to guide and assist you and the road to success.
  • Help you discover the ‘overcomer’ mentality and to become an achiever in life.
As the Australian poet. lyricist and writer PH Shaw stated:
‘We can never see ourselves as others see us: even the mirror shows us in reverse.’
Speaking for Charity, NFP, Fund Raising and Church Groups

Sandra will volunteer her time to speak at your local group function with regards to a number of psychological issues that impact you and the community upon request.